How to place a rug in a living room

How to place a rug in a living room

Rugs are used to decorate homes because they bring warmth and can easily help to transform a space. Not only a rug can change the look of your living room but it also can change the mood and have a range of practical benefits. Because most homes do not come furnished, homeowners who relocate to a new home should consider purchasing a rug for their flooring. Rugs come in varieties of different styles, shapes, and colors. If your living room has a lot of different colors, you can use rugs to pull them all together by choosing a design that includes all of them. Below we have mentioned some tips for you on how you can place your rug in a living room.

The first thing that you need to do is always measure the area where you want to lay your rug, then after that decided the aesthetic you want to add to your rugs. Decide which one will suit the best according to the current interior of your living room, then look at the layout of your room. If you are buying a rug for a living room then you must take into consideration the size of your sofa and the arrangement of it. Whether you have a single sofa or a combination of two-seaters or three-seater or a modular lounge, your seating will determine the shape and size of your rug that you want.  Before you purchase a rug for your living room map out your room with a scale, by doing this you knew the exact measurement you want for your living room. If you are deciding that you want a sofa on top of your rug then make sure that it extends out to a minimum of 6 inches. Whether you are decorating your home for the first time or redecorating it again, a rug can easily bring up your space together.  

1)Rug Sizes

The size of your rug depends on the size of your living room and your seating area. The maximum sizes for the rugs are 5*8, 8*10,9*12 with most of the living room that is best suited for an 8*10 rug. You don’t want a rug that is bigger than the size of your sofa, because it will mess up the overall look of the living room. You want a rug that is at least a foot on either side of your sofa.

2)Centering The Rug

DOn’t make the mistake of putting your rug in the center of the room. This can result in a lot of awkward space, especially if your living room is shaped oddly. When it comes to arranging a rug in a living room, you want to make sure it complements the space’s dominating furniture and existing layout. The only centering you should do is to place your furniture around the rug’s perimeter. If you have two sofas, for example, place your area rug in the middle, evenly spaced between them. 

3)Rug Arrangements

When it comes to arranging a rug in a living room, there are only a few options to consider. While each layout may be adjusted to any space, some are more affected by room size than others. To get you started, here’s a quick rundown of each style.

  • All legs must be removed.
  • On the Front Legs
  • All of your legs are up.
  • An arrangement that is rounded

              All Legs Off 

Looking for a budget-friendly arrangement for a smaller room?

Placing a little rug will do the trick in front of your living room furnishing. You may create a sensation of openness in a tiny living room by keeping all of the furniture legs off of your run.

This will not only draw attention away from the smaller space, but it will also help your rug shine out, making it the room’s center point.

Front  Legs On

If you don’t have enough place for a large rug but do have some extra space, tuck the rug underneath the front legs of all your furniture. This will allow you to accommodate a smaller space while also grounding the room for a more coherent and structured sense. Just keep in mind that your rug should stretch beyond each end of your couch or sofa.

All Legs On

If you have the space, a huge rug that covers all of your couch or sofa’s legs will establish a dedicated living area. Maintain a distance of one foot to a few inches between your furniture and the rug’s edge. This set-up works best in large, open-plan rooms and spaces, as well as in homes with multiple sofas. By putting all of your furniture on a huge rug, you can divide the room and create a separate seating area from the rest of your house.

Combination Rug 

When colors are matched too closely, the room will lack energy. Interior designers derisively call this “matchy, matchy” decorating because these rooms lack energy and excitement. Rooms are more interesting when their colors are related, but not the same.


When selecting a rug for your living room, make sure the colors and sizes are in harmony. To uplift and enhance the overall scale and appearance, the majority of the space in front of your couch should be covered. Second, it shouldn’t be too large to be incompatible with your surroundings!