10 living room rug ideas to switch up your space instantly

10 living room rug ideas to switch up your space instantly

Your living space might be completely changed with a new rug. It can provide a colorful pattern, a fresh look, or a standout color to a room that would otherwise be neutral. It’s also a decorative item that can be more daring, adding personality and liveliness to a space where you frequently host friends and gather as a family. There are numerous options for living room rugs, but these are the ones we think would give your room an instant makeover.

1)Layer Up Your Living Room Rugs

Piling up your rugs may solve many decorating problems, and layering rugs is such an easy way to add textures and patterns to your living space. Our best advice for stacking rugs is to start with one huge area rug so that any additional ones you add on top will be grounded. Keep this one very neutral and use a natural material, like jute, as it will be the most durable. Then add your pattern by either placing a single little rug in the middle or having many rugs overlap.

2)Use Rugs To Zone Up  Your Space

Rugs can be used to divide a large living room or one that is part of an open-plan area into several “zones.” In essence, you place a different rug in each location with a different vibe rather than using walls. Say, for instance, that your dining room, kitchen, and living room are all open spaces. To give the living room a sense of separation, add a rug and arrange your furniture around it. 

3)Use A Rug To Anchor Your Color Scheme

A large living room rug serves as the anchor for your furniture and the crucial accent item that unifies your whole color design. If your space is already more neutral, for instance, choose a rug with a splash of color and then use that hue to accent it with pillows, curtains, or wall decor. Find a more neutral rug with a majority of cream or ivory to ground the main color if the paint or furniture colors you’ve chosen are strong hues. 

4)Pick An Area Rug To Work With Your Layout

Consider the way the rug will fit with the arrangement of your furniture when making your selection. Alternately, will you arrange your furniture so that the rug is the focal point? Since an area rug is a terrific place to start when designing a living room arrangement, we’d advise doing the latter. Instead of packing everything up against the edges, you might use your rug as the “walls” of your living room and float your furniture around it. Give your pieces some breathing room so that more light can circulate in the area. Make sure the area rug you choose is big enough for your furniture to sit on top of or partially on top of. Additionally, make certain that it is centered and that the same amount of floor space is visible beneath each edge.

5) Cover Your Living Room Floor

A homeowner’s best friend may be rugs. They are perfect for hiding filthy vinyl flooring or unsightly carpets because they can hide a wide variety of faults. Go large and spend money on a rug the size of your entire room, that way, no one will ever know what horrible flooring is underneath and you can concentrate on creating the charming modern rustic atmosphere you see in this stunning area.

6)Opt For A Rug Made From Natural Rugs

Plant-fiber-based natural flooring is a flexible alternative because it now comes in smart city aesthetics in addition to more traditional rustic styles. It can be installed similarly to a carpet and used as a room square, rug, or runner with a bound edge made of leather or decorative fabric. 

7)Get Creative With Color 

Even while the vast majority of us still choose neutral carpet, small shifts are beginning to take hold. Grey, taupe, and mild pink tints are replacing the conventional beige tones, and bold colour is now used to create accents, much like wallpaper. Orange rugs have the power to genuinely brighten a dimly lit space. A room’s ability to reflect light is crucial, and dimly lit spaces can make you feel melancholy. Orange rugs, for example, may add warmth and vigour to the space, letting you essentially bring your own sunlight.

8)Choose A Vintage For A Unique Look

Both contemporary and more conventional living spaces look terrific with vintage carpets. Your living space will have individuality and won’t feel like it came straight out of a catalogue with a mix of new and old furnishings. Any aesthetic can be complemented with a neutral rug, or go for a tribal pattern for a hippie feel. Persian rugs have a way of making traditional decor look better, while distressed designs are wonderful for giving more modern settings a more relaxed vibe.

9)Go For Bold Animal Print

We adore the effortless chic vibe the organic design lends to a living space. Cowhide rugs quickly convey a carefree, casual atmosphere, regardless of how the rest of the room is designed. Additionally, they are a sensible option because of their small pile and unexpected stain resistance, making them ideal for high activity areas like a living room.

10)Pick A Long Pile Rug To Add Coziness

A long pile rug is the way to go if your living room is on the smaller side or even if you just want to increase the comfort. Give your feet a treat by placing a luxurious, ultra-soft rug underfoot.