Promote your Real-Estate with drone photos and videos

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Currently, visual content plays a crucial part in any promotion campaign. There is no gainsaying the fact that we are now living in the times of visual era: in order to boost the effectiveness of how people absorb and remember your message, one has to integrate compelling visual content. In order to reach an entirely new level of engagement and quality and see your real estate promotion campaign at a completely new angle – as clear as the sky is blue, reaching out to professionals for premium aerial footage is a go-to option here! Implement the most innovative tools to lead your business to a new level and establish a distinguishing brand at the market. Read on to learn more about the most up-to-date opportunities to create captivating visual content for efficient promotion strategies.

Why is visual content important?

High-quality visual content (such as photos, videos, etc.) is nowadays a key driver of engagement of vast auditories online. There is undeniable evidence that people are visually wired. Consider the numbers: 70% of all sensory receptors in the body are found in the eyes. More than 50 percent of the cortex is devoted to processing visual information. Fascinating! Since we, humans, are visually dominated beings, it is vital to provide your customers’ eyes with something worthy of their attention. What’s important, this rule works with every business.

Below we will share the resources with the most engaging imagery and videos for the most rewarding real estate promotion campaigns. 

Where to get the best visual content

After establishing that a marketing campaign should not go by without high-quality visual supplementation, let us delve into the most compelling options on the market – aerial footage. 

Undeniably, the most common type of visual content is photographs. Photography has come a long way from black and white to high dimensional innovations of decades past. Now it is time to break new ground and use aerial photography for real estate marketing campaigns. 

One of the most reliable services that provide legal shot aerial photos by professional airplanes, helicopters, and drone pilots is HOsiHO. For them, the sky is the limit (though, sky definitely doesn’t stop this community of professional enthusiasts). 

If you want to see your business getting the desirable exposure, opt for modern promotion methods by choosing professional aerial footage. 

Aerial photography and videos for promotion 

Nowadays, advancements in technology skyrocket the possibilities of unmanned aerial vehicles, making drone photos and videos the top choice for various advertisements and promotion campaigns. Below we will discuss the reasons why photos and videos taken from the skies by drones should be a number one choice for real estate marketing campaigns:

  • Keep up with the competition

The real estate market is experiencing a steady growth of competition. To stand out among the competitors, one has to implement modern approaches and entice public interest with unique content. Gain a competitive advantage with a unique approach to a visual representation of your business.

  •  Become a trendsetter

It is crucial to keep a finger on a pulse of ever-emerging trends in the challenging business world. Conquer new horizons by offering your customers a new approach to long-existing norms of property representation.

  • Attract more clients

With eye-catching visuals, your real estate business will get more leads than ever, since people will be able to perceive property from a completely different point of view.

  •  Distinguish your property

In order to critically differentiate your business from the other players in the field of real estate, provide your existing and potential customers with a new angle of view. Drones make aerial photography accessible. Enjoy the new clientele by offering a bird’ s-eye view on your property, show its full exterior, as well as its unseen details and perspectives. 

  • Show the unseen

Aerial imagery provides new opportunities for property showcasing. Aerial photos and 4K+ aerial footage, drone lapses, timelapses, and hyperlapses open up new avenues and provide a significantly more comprehensive range of property visualization choices than ever before.  

Creating valuable visual content for a profitable marketing campaign can turn out to be a daunting task. For outstanding UAV imagery, it is crucial to cooperate with a trustworthy UAV pilot network. We have got you covered here as well and put together the most important tips that cannot be overlooked when picking the perfect pilot.

How to find a UAV pilot professional?

When you are ready to reap the benefits of implementing aerial photography in your promotional campaign, the next vital step is choosing the most skilled UAV pilot for your task. As the demand for aerial photography grows, unfortunately, many unskilled and unlicensed pilots infiltrate the market. So you have to choose wisely. There are several ways about it, but the best option would be to refer to professionals’ reliable community. For example, using HOsiHO service, you can be sure that any professional you pick is a skilled specialist, fulfilling all the requirements. So, cutting to the case, what should you look for in the perfect UAV pilot? 

  • Depending on the country, there are different legal aspects a UAV pilot has to adhere to, such as proper insurance and registration of gadgets, pilot’s certification, restriction of flights at some locations, etc. Make sure you have all the legal issues figured out in advance. 
  • Last but not least, look for a professional photographer. This advice seems obvious, but you won’t believe the number of people getting frustrated with the final results due to their hired pilot’s unprofessional approach. For example, as you know, UAV rely on atmospheric conditions; thus, it is crucial to have a professional UAV pilot responsible for the quality. To avoid any unfortunate outcome, ask your photographer for a portfolio, search for recommendations and comments on his or her work, check out social media platforms with their work on display. 

As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed. Make sure you are spending your money wisely and do not put your promotion campaign or reputation at stake.