How to Get The Right Carpet Cleaning Service

How to Get The Right Carpet Cleaning Service

Your carpet has a significant effect on your home. A clean carpet makes the difference, leaving your home looking good, fresh and having a nice smell. It also helps you remain healthy with no allergens or bacteria trapped in your carpet, which can make you sick.

Your daily carpet cleaning in London may not be sufficient to make your carpet as clean as they should be which is why you need a professional who knows all about carpets and their cleaning products to handle the cleaning.

There are several carpet cleaning services out there, but getting the right one is key to making your carpet last longer and remain attractive.

Consideration for choosing the right carpet cleaning service

If you want to choose the right carpet cleaning service in London, you need to consider the following factors.

  • The equipment the cleaning company uses

    Before you get a carpet cleaning service in London, make sure you know the kind of cleaning equipment they use. Cleaning companies that use portable cleaning machines may not be the best choice, so it is better to avoid them, except the cleaning service company cannot access your carpet from their equipment mounted in their truck.

    Most portable carpet cleaning equipment tends to damage the carpet because they make the carpet accumulate excess water and do not extract the excess water. They are also ineffective carpet cleaning equipment.

    Look out for companies that use steam cleaning with equipment mounted in their truck as this gives the best cleaning result. Companies with this kind of machines are usually more established and have been in the carpet cleaning business for years. Hence they have more experience.
  • Cleaning solutions and chemicals

    Opt for cleaning companies who would discuss and give a detailed explanation of the cleaning chemicals they use, the cleaning solution your carpet need and possible complications that may occur from using these cleaning chemicals. Carpet cleaning companies like these tend to be more reliable and experienced in cleaning different kinds of carpet.

    If you want eco-friendly products used for your carpet, let this be a priority and look out for carpet cleaning companies that use these kinds of products. Your carpet in your home or office is an investment which you should guard. Using amateur carpet cleaners would leave your carpet damaged within a short while.

    Know what you want to achieve from cleaning your carpet and opt for a carpet cleaning company that would deliver appropriately. For example, you may want your carpet cleaning targeted at removing dust mites or other allergens like pet dander.
  • Reputation

    Always consider a company with a good reputation because their reputation says a lot about them. Check for their customers’ reviews online and opt for the cleaning service that has several excellent reviews with no or only a few complaints.

    Customer reviews give you an insight into the carpet cleaning service and how they offer their services. A company with a lot of unsatisfied past customers will likely deliver less-than-perfect carpet cleaning service to you.
  • Look beyond the price.

    While searching for a reliable and professional carpet cleaning company in London, do not base your preference solely on the price of their service. You should have a budget, but that doesn’t mean you should opt for the cleaning service provider with the least price.

    Ensure that the price quote the company gives you is comprehensive, covering all that is needed to clean your carpet correctly, so you do not end up paying unexpected fees. If necessary, ask a lot of questions to understand the reason for each service or product on the quotation.
  • Be vigilant for companies that provide scam services

    A scam carpet cleaning service results in unacceptable cleaning results where the stains on the carpet resurface after you have paid for the service. Do thorough research about the cleaning company and if you come across several complaints, this a red flag.

    Another common scam to watch out for is the bait and switch. In the bait and switch scam, the cleaning service entices you with a low quote which usually excludes several essential cleaning products like deodorisers and disinfectants. Later-on, they include the cost of some other services or products, which ends up putting you under pressure and paying more.

    Ensure that the cleaning service is trusted by asking them a lot of questions to clarify any doubt you have before entrusting your carpet to them for cleaning.  


Any professional and reliable carpet cleaning services will always explain their cleaning process to you, use high-quality cleaning equipment and solutions. They would also have excellent reviews from their past customers, which should be an indication of the kind of service they offer.