Great Tips on Home Cleaning This Spring

Great Tips on Home Cleaning This Spring

The birds are serenading, flowers are blooming, and the sunshine is out again. A clear indication that spring has finally arrived, and it is time to step out of the winter blues.  Spring cleaning is an ancient tradition that allows homeowners to get their properties in tip-top shape.

 A deep spring clean not only promotes wellness by ensuring your home environment is tidy and well organized; it also helps carry the good feeling into the summer.

Unfortunately, spring cleaning can be a tough job if you don’t have a clear plan in place.  In this post, we outline some of the great tips on spring cleaning.

1.     Start with Roof Inspection

Snow, hail, wind, sleet, and the endless cycles of thawing witnessed during winter can take a significant toll on your roof. Therefore, conducting a thorough roof inspection at the start of spring will help identify the damage caused during the rough winter and put your mind at peace through the spring and summer seasons.

Should you identify any damage such as sagging, clogged gutters, missing shingles, and visible wind damage, call in roof repair experts as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that your roof is an essential line of defense hence the need to keep it in great condition all the time. A spring roof inspection can save you a lot of money by helping you identify roof issues and addressing them before they become bigger and costly.

2.     Make a Cleaning Schedule

Once you have inspected your roof and are satisfied, scope out the rest of your home. Identify areas that need the most work and prioritize them. You should also identify any areas you usually skip during routine cleaning. Those are the best places to start your spring cleaning.

Regardless of where you start your cleaning, having a precise plan of what you want to achieve will keep you focused on the task at hand.

Your plan can be a simple checklist of the activities you need to complete. Don’t be afraid to seek help from experienced residential cleaning experts if you feel overwhelmed.

3.     De-clutter

Perhaps, the most significant of spring cleaning is eliminating the clutter that you no longer need in your home. Take advantage of this time to get rid of some of the things you have always wanted to get rid of to begin fresh with a more streamlined lifestyle.

Take time to evaluate every item in your house. Put aside all things you no longer need and determine what you want to do with the items you no longer want. Typically, you can sort them into four broad categories; give away, trash, put away, and store.

Now is an excellent time to donate some of the items to good causes. Once you have cleared the clutter, cleaning will be much easier.

4.     Work from Top to Bottom

When you think about cleaning your home during spring, always think about starting from the ceiling down. This will push the dirt to the surface and help you avoid re-cleaning or re-dusting your rooms.

If you are using a vacuum with an extension hose, use it to eliminate cobwebs and dust from your ceiling first. From there, dust your furniture thoroughly and vacuum all the debris and dust off your floors. This simple strategy will save you a lot of time.