German Christmas Decorations Guide: History and Popular Items

German Christmas Decorations Guide: History and Popular Items

Decorations play an important role in German Christmas culture, as well as in most countries’ traditions. Christmas decorations serve not only as tools to make the home more attractive and ready for the great holiday. They are also excellent gift ideas. By the way, gift exchange is one of the most important parts of the Christmas holiday.

Speaking of Germany, folk art Christmas decorations such as Incense Burners is gaining popularity today. But this trend has conquered connoisseurs all over the world and products in this style can be found in homes around the world because of their authenticity, eco-friendliness, and stylish look. 

Popular German Christmas Decorations

Would you like to decorate your home with German Christmas decorations? Pay attention to hand-made wood products. Wood decorations are quite trendy this year since most interior designers consider 2021 the Year of the Earth. Moreover, such things always look expensive and unique.

In Germany, there are products that the inhabitants of the entire villages created. Today, these decorations are also created by hand using ancient techniques. What products should you pay attention to?

  • Tealight Lantern: Christmas holidays in Germany cannot be complete without candles. Therefore, you should pay attention to the wooden Tealight lantern. Such decor immediately boosts a New Year’s mood and looks beautiful even without burning candles.
  • The Wood Bell: Wooden bells with embedded characters inside  (for example, Santa with gifts or a Nutcracker) are one more must-consider option. Such a decoration is suitable not only for a Christmas tree but may also serve as a piece of interior decor with a focus on natural trends. 
  • Greed Wood Tree: The Christmas tree is a very important attribute of the holiday. In addition to a live Christmas tree, you can decorate your home with wooden Christmas tree figurines. Such a product looks expensive, as it is made of wood and is very authentic. It looks like a retro piece, but it can go with absolutely any interior.
  • Mini smokers: This is one of the most popular German-style Christmas decorations. Do you want something extraordinary? This mini smoker will become not only a unique home decoration but also a very original gift. Usually, it is made of wood in the form of hand-painted figurines. It can be either Santa, Forest Ranger, or Bavarian. With the help of such a decoration, you can fumigate a room with incense, cleanse the aura of the house from bad energy and simply add a cozy atmosphere to your home.

These are the most popular hand-made wooden products that will never go out of fashion and will delight everyone around you.

The Wooden German Christmas Decorations Brief History

Wooden toys began to appear on Christmas trees in the 17th century. The first toys were stars and angels. After that, any Christmas toys were cut out of the tree. The production of such decoration pieces was carried out not only by craftsmen but also by children at school.

Today people from all over the world go to Germany to feel the spirit of their Christmas and New Year, plus buy Christmas decorations and souvenirs. However, despite the fact that European borders are closed because of the pandemic, you still may purchase such decorations online. The main thing is to stop your choice of hand-made products.

Handmade Christmas decorations are always awesome. And toys made in the technique of German folk art are one of the best gifts you can make for yourself and your loved ones.