Answering top questions about bed bugs

Answering top questions about bed bugs

People are often surprised to find bed bugs at home. These small insects appear reddish-brown and feed on blood. During the daytime, bed bugs go into hiding and return at night in search of hosts. As a homeowner, you may have many questions on your mind. Can bed bugs spread diseases? One might does alcohol kill bed bugs? Should you use pesticides? We have answered some key questions below. 

How can bed bugs get inside homes?

Bed bugs are known to hitchhike and can come from infested areas. Used furniture could be a potential source. If you step out and have been somewhere infested with bed bugs, these insects can travel back with you. 

How to know if there are bed bugs?

Besides finding shed skin and droppings, you may find unusual blood stains on your sheets, linens, curtains, and pillow covers. It is also common to find small bite marks on the body. Since bed bugs are most active at night, you may find it hard to sleep as these pests continue to suck on your blood. Contrary to what many people assume, bed bugs don’t carry diseases.

Does alcohol kill bed bugs?

If you drown a bed bug in alcohol, the insect will die. However, just using alcohol to clean surfaces wouldn’t get rid of the problem. You need to take additional steps to fix the problem for good. Alcohol can, however, help get rid of the odor that bed bugs leave behind. 

Should you use pesticides? How can you control a bed bug problem?

No, pesticides are not safe and shouldn’t be used without expertise. If you have found signs of these insects, call pest control immediately. Many new companies tackle a bed bug problem through integrated pest management, which relies on techniques and products that have lower risks to the planet and your health.

How much does pest control cost?

It usually depends on the extent of the problem. You can expect shortlisted pest control companies to send you an estimate, and you can choose as per experience and specialization. The methods used for bed bug extermination also determine the cost. Don’t be fooled to assume that the most expensive quote is the best one. Check if a pest control company is insured, licensed, and locally operated. If you want to compare your options, check a few online reviews.

Now that you know that bed bugs are hard to get rid of, call pest control without delay.