A Guide to Reducing your Pool Operational Cost

A Guide to Reducing your Pool Operational Cost

Many people dream of owning a pool, but the thought of the cost of maintaining it scares them off. To be honest, maintaining a swimming pool is costly, and you must be well-prepared if you want this luxury. Pools require a number of resources like water, chemicals, labor, heaters, and other accessories, and you don’t wish to be hit with a large bill every time. Fortunately, there are basic ways you can reduce the operation costs of your swimming pool. This article will highlight the main ones. By the end of this article, you need to have learned the best procedures to adopt in order to reduce the operational and maintenance costs of your pool. Mainly, the costs come from these three elements that we will look at in detail.

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Electricity

Reducing the Cost of Water

The water is, of course, the main thing that makes up a pool. However, the water does not remain the same throughout. Since it is exposed, it may evaporate, leak and become dirty. You might be surprised by how much water you need to refill a pool no matter how much small the pool might be. So, you need to find ways of saving on water.

 One way of saving water is by installing a solar pool cover. This cover keeps of the heat, and this prevents losing water from evaporation. The cover is cheap, and you can easily install it without hiring a professional. Another way of avoiding wastage is avoiding draining the pool unless it is necessary. If you are working on something, you can drain it halfway then refill it later. You also need to repair all the leaking areas and fix them early.

Reducing Chemical Costs

Using the right chemicals and ensuring the levels are balanced all the time will help you in saving the cost. If the water is not balanced well, it could cause corrosion and other health hazards. These problems can be very expensive to repair. The calcium build-up increases acidity which, in turn, causes corrosion and wearing off of the metal parts of the pool. So, you need to have the pool maintained regularly. Another way of reducing the cost of chemicals is using natural pool treatment solutions. They are cheap and safe to use.

Saving on Energy Consumption Costs

Besides the water and chemical costs, having a swimming pool also includes energy costs. However, the cost of electricity depends on the type of pool you own. The main contributors or energy bills are the pump and the heater. Your swimming pool can inflate your energy bills, considering that you have to pump the water not less than 8 hours a day. The motor uses electricity to run. You need to get the right size of the pump base on the size of your pool. Also, heat the water whenever you need to use the pool and not every time. Another way of reducing energy costs is replacing your normal lights with LED fixtures.

The Bottom Line

From the above points, it is clear that having a pool does not have to be a burden but a luxury you need. You only need to know what to do to reduce the cost of the factors mentioned above. Therefore, if you are still indecisive about having a pool because of the high costs of maintenance, consider the above factors.