A Comprehensive Look into Nan Inc.

A Comprehensive Look into Nan Inc.

The biggest locally owned and operated construction company in Hawaii is Nan Inc. It had very humble beginnings, but has now transformed into one of the top ten construction firms that can be found in the state. Its offices are located in Honolulu and the company has developed a strong reputation of delivering exceptional work and operating with full integrity. In the thirty years of its existence, the company has dealt with thousands of projects and each one has been handled with the same level of expertise and professionalism.

During this time, Nan Inc. has gained a great deal of expertise and experience, allowing them to become renowned for their teamwork and extensive technical knowledge. Thanks to this, they have been awarded with numerous certificates and accolades in the field of construction. The company had started in 1990 and Patrick Shin, owner of Nan Inc. construction is the primary reason it was able to reach the pinnacle of success it is enjoying today. Hailing from South Korea, he was born Nan Chul Shin and changed his name to Patrick upon moving to the United States.

He did his majors in business administration from Bowling Green State University on a scholarship and then worked for a construction company for two years. He decided to set up his own construction company that could contribute to Hawaii’s future and this is where Nan Inc. was born. Patrick Shin only had one employee with him when he started out, but he wasn’t one to be demotivated. Today, Nan Inc. is a full-fledged construction company in Hawaii and nearby areas and its number of employees has increased to more than 500.

Patrick Shin kicked things off with very small projects, like the installation of a road sign, but within just thirty years, his company has earned a prominent place in Hawaii’s construction industry. The company has built expertise in preconstruction, general contracting and design-build services and it has worked in various industries, for both the public and private sector. The hospitality industry is one where Nan Inc. has made a big mark, as it has constructed numerous resorts and hotels in Hawaii.

Likewise, it has also taken on multimillion-dollar projects by the government, including the renovation of the airport and various roads. Nan Inc. has developed a reputation of delivering quality work and doing so in a timely manner and in the budget assigned, making it a top choice in both residential and commercial construction.