7 Things to Never Put In a Moving Truck

7 Things to Never Put In a Moving Truck

Moving is stressful enough. Therefore, you don’t need to add more stress. Know the items you can pack and not pack in the moving truck. This is because some of these items endanger you and your stuff. They could lead to poisoning, fire, or damage to items. You could also lose some treasurable things you have kept safe for a long time. In fact, moving companies don’t allow these things in the truck. Let’s look at these things and why you should not load them in the moving truck.

  1. Flammables and Explosives

Flammables and explosives are on the backlist, and relocation experts like Sandhills Moving warn about loading them in the truck and other household items. The reason is that they can easily catch fire or explode in the moving truck. It can cause fatal consequences like death or damage to items. Never load anything labeled “keep away from open flame” if you don’t want to lose your items to a fire. Also, avoid loading anything that can explode. Things like fireworks should be packed and hauled separately.

  1. Plants

Some states also prohibit transporting plants unless they are inspected and transported by qualified carriers. The reason is not that they will explode or harm other items in the truck. It is because some plants carry bugs and vermin that could damage your sofa or other places. Therefore, leave the plants behind, and if you have to transport them, do it in your car, not the moving truck.

  1. Important Documents

This may be a no-brainer, especially if the documents are irreplaceable. First, all medical records must be kept in a safe place where they cannot get lost or damaged. Others should also be safe, like letters, certificates, and sentimental documents. So, when loading items on the truck, avoid keeping such documents there, including others like birth and death certificates, credit cards, passports, licenses, insurance documents, checkbooks, adoption papers, title deeds, etc.

  1. Firearms

In most states, firearm transportation is a big no. While it is a policy, transporting firearms could also get you into trouble. Therefore, never load your gun in the truck unless the moving company has a permit to transport ammunition or firearms. Instead, please keep them in your car where they will be safe.

  1. Photos

Photos will not harm the items in the truck. However, they are at risk of getting damaged during transit, and because photos capture irreplaceable moments, keeping them safe with you is best. Accidents like fire can happen, or you could misplace the box. Therefore, if you have a significant photo collection, keep it in the car when moving.

  1. Animals

Never think of putting your dog or other pet animals in the truck. The moving company will not allow this, which is even against the law. Please keep your pets safe by traveling with them in your car. Also, don’t load pet food in the truck if you need to feed the dog. You can set aside enough for the journey and keep the rest in the moving truck.

  1. Pesticides and Fertilizers

Anything poisonous should never be stored together with other items. The chemicals found in pesticides and fertilizers are dangerous and should not come into contact with household items. If possible, arrange another way to transport them with other harmful materials.

To Sum It Up

These are some things you should never put in a moving truck. Some are at risk of getting damaged, while others pose the risk of damaging other items. Ask the moving company what is allowed and not allowed in the truck.