6 painting hacks you can do for your bathroom

Painting: 6 painting hacks you can do for your bathroom.

Have you ever asked yourself before why bathrooms are always in bright colours?

because bright colours always reflect cleanliness and hygiene, that’s why white is always commonly used in most of the bathrooms. The point is that you can use one colour and the decoration or the bathroom assets could be in a different colour or use two painting colours and match it with the bathroom assets. Keep in mind that your bathroom must always transmit comfort, freshness and tranquillity so don’t use annoying colors or decoration.


You can always use vibrant colors for walls, decoration, assets and flooring because the idea behind the colors is to highlight your bathroom.


if you like a certain colour and you want to use it in your bathroom but you just can’t turn your whole bathroom into this colour then you have to use another neutral colour for neutral tone. For example, if you want to use black you can always contrast it with another bright colour like white, that’s how you are going to balance your colours, try also to theme the colours together like for example: if you like the sea then try to go to the blue shades for the walls then use matching furniture.

Tip: don’t use one colour you will get bored, try to always mix and match between colours. Think in the long run so you won’t have to change it again after a few years.

Colours for small bathrooms

Here is some tricks based on optical illusion, you can use some colours in small bathrooms that will give you the feel of space, you can always use bright colours because it is more reflective and we don’t mean to use only white you can also use this colours: light blue, oak, cream, light green, light grey, pink, yellow and aqua.

Mixing colours

Try to blend between the wall painting and the tiles colour, wall and ceiling try to always hold the same colour for both of them, using the same colour for both of them will allow the eyes to travel between the wall and the ceiling and feel more space.

That’s how the decoration engineers always do and remember it’s always about choosing the right colours.

Painting strips

As we agree before painting wall and ceiling with the same colours gives the eye more feel of space, another hack we can do is paining the walls vertically in vertical stripes, as we know there are some bathrooms tall and some are wide, if your bathroom is small and the ceiling is short then paint it vertically so it would give your eyes the feel that it is taller. Same thing if your bathroom is tall and small you can paint in horizontal strips to give the feel that it is wider than it looks.

Consistent colours

Give your bathroom fixtures that are consistent, like having the windows, doors and the roof shutters in light colours to give the illusion that the room extends beyond its actual size and make your small bathroom look bigger.

It’s all about the colours and what you choose, you can still paint your bathroom with new, modern and beautiful colours but don’t forget to apply this painting hacks before building or renovating your bathroom and enjoy the space, look and feel of the colours, go to our painting section on HomeWagon.com and explore how to add a creative touch to your bathroom.