5 Types of Window Tint for Homes

5 Types of Window Tint for Homes

Windows are integral parts of a building. However, they affect the amount of your energy bills every month. If you want to cut your energy bill, it could be a wise idea to install tinted windows. You will enjoy a lot of benefits, along with reducing your energy costs including privacy, safety, and aesthetics. However, do you know the right tint to install to enjoy these benefits? There are different types of residential home window tinting. Unfortunately, many homeowners know so little about them. If you are one of them, this is your lucky day. This article will give you five common types of residential window tint you will come across in the market.

Solar Window Film

These films are gaining popularity over the years. This is because of their protection property of protecting you and your house against UV light, heat, and glare during summer. With solar films, you don’t have to give up on natural light. They allow enough light and heat to the inside and keep out the excess. They also absorb 99% of UV radiation from the sun.

Decorative Tint

Just like the name suggests, decorative tint films are designed to enhance the appeal of your home and its aesthetics. Windows add to the beauty of your home. So, you can improve them by installing decorative films. Decorative films come in different designs, colors, and patterns to help you choose the best and one that matches your style. These films come with multiple advantages. For instance, in addition to enhancing the exterior beauty of your house, you also add privacy. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about nosey people peeping in and invading your privacy.

Ceramic Films

Ceramic films are the best at keeping out the sun’s heat. They provide an extra insulation layer that helps in preserving the interior temperature. Furthermore, they enhance your privacy. Therefore, if you live in a populated area, ceramic films can provide the privacy you need. They also neutralize the light during sunset. Therefore, you don’t have to switch on your light early before darkness sets in.

Metalized Film

If you want a stylish and durable window film, then metalized film is the right for you. These films are created with layers of metal particles that ensure durability and reflect excess light. With a metalized film, you don’t have to worry about UV rays reaching your skin. They are both effective and long-lasting to ensure you keep your home sustainable as long as you wish. Due to their reflective nature, metallic films help in regulating the temperature from the inside.

Carbon Tints

Nothing can outdo the beautiful finish of carbon films. When looking for an extra layer on your windows to add taste to your style, then carbon films are your choice. They provide both aesthetic and UV protection. They also prevent excess heat, and this lowers your cooling costs. If you want to protect your furniture from fading and wearing off, install carbon tint films.


This is a collection of the best window tint for houses you can install. Along with each type are its benefits and purposes. So, depending on what you want to achieve, we hope it is now easy to know the best types of window tint to pick.