5 Tips For Choosing Smart Lighting For Your Home

5 Tips For Choosing Smart Lighting For Your Home

Remember those futuristic movies, when clapping could turn the lights on? That innovation is a reality today. With these smart bulbs, you can use your phone to guide the lights as you like. Some smartlight units from Crompton also work more than just a bulb.

Here are five tips to make your smartlight journey a lot easier:


Step-one to selecting any smartlight for the home is to understand your purpose behind it. These are as good as any other bulb if you do not utilise their functions. Abilities like couch-control can help ease the difficulties of hard-to-reach switches.

Smartlight units can also make one place serve many purposes. For example, you can brighten the space while working and dim when you catch that evening-time movie. 

Some smart bulbs provide ad-on functions. Like the unique Anti-Bac bulb by Crompton can kill close to 85% of all harmful bacteria when turned on. This LED bulb finds purpose in the kitchen or bathroom. Similarly, there is also an emergency light bulb that stores power and provides backup.

Check Fitting

Before you purchase a smartlight, study the holders and points in your home. There are mainly three kinds of bulb holders or base-caps: B22, E14 and E27.

The B22 LED bulb is the most commonly used bulb with the simple twist-and-pull plug, with the two prongs. The E27 and E14 are both screw-on bulbs with a 27MM base, and the 14MM base respectively.

Make a list of all the blub-points in your home before you invest in smart bulbs. These base-caps of all varieties are easy to find.

Colour Pallete

The most attractive feature of any smartlight is the ability to change colour. Phone applications can provide a broad spectrum of colours in smart bulbs. This feature is especially helpful in the entertainment room of the home. The multiple hues of colours can define the mood of any gathering.

Even if you are considering a simple smart-light or emergency light, the tones of warm and white are a factor to consider. The white-lights are much brighter and provide a lively and energetic atmosphere. The warm lights are known to offer a calm tone, like for a reading room or a bedroom. 

If you are confident of its utility, or just like having many ambient tones in the home; these smart bulbs are a meaningful investment to your lifestyle.

Check Lighting Range

The range of the smart bulbs is the level of light spread and brightness you can get from them. Range accounts from two factors: the Wattage and the Lumens. The Lumens of a LED bulb is the brightness of the bulb, while the Watt is the power it consumes.

Most smart bulbs are of significantly lower wattage, thus a power-saving device. In the case of an emergency light, you will also have to consider the hours of backup. 


Lastly, if you are making the switch to a smart light, they cannot function as just another LED bulb.

If you own a voice-assistance-device, then these smart bulbs are magical. Additionally, the Anti Bac bulb by Crompton is an excellent way to ensure better air for your bathroom and kitchen. 

The most significant advantages, however, will be the use of emergency light. These bulbs auto-switch-on when there is a power failure. This emergency light is an excellent addition for a kids room, so they never fear the darkness. 

Add Smart Bulbs To Your Lifestyle

From a simple LED bulb to a multifunctional emergency light, the utility from these unique innovations is beyond imaginable. Once you get one of these, you are sure to be hooked to the ease and comfort of these bulbs.