Understanding Your Rights When It Comes to Moving Insurance

Understanding Your Rights When It Comes to Moving Insurance

The correct insurance will safeguard your possessions and relieve you of one worry whether you’re moving locally or abroad, on your own or with a moving company. According to federal law, interstate movers must offer valuation coverage on your belongings for at least 60 cents per pound per item. For instance, reputable movers like Herlihy Moving Company offers clients multiple moving insurance solutions.

Therefore, before putting the first piece of furniture on the truck, research—start here!

What is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is an additional service that can be purchased to protect your belongings during a move. A third party often provides it and protects against situations beyond the mover’s control, like fires and natural catastrophes.There are two types of insurance coverage:

  • Full Value Protection

A complete type of insurance is Full Value Protection. This insurance coverage protects all of your possessions at their entire worth, so if any of them are misplaced, broken, or destroyed during the move, you will be compensated for them in full. The declared value of your shipment affects the price of Full Value Protection.

  • Released Value Protection

Compared to Full Value Protection, Released Value Protection is more cost-effective. This legal requirement comes with no additional cost for coverage. Suppose an item weighing 10 pounds is lost or damaged during the relocation. In that case, you will only be entitled to $6.00 in compensation because the insurance is restricted to $0.60 per pound per article. It is crucial to remember that Released worth Protection might only partially cover the worth of your possessions, so if you want more thorough coverage, you might think about getting Full Value Protection.

What are Your Rights as a Customer?

You have certain rights regarding moving insurance as a client of Herlihy Moving. Your rights are as follows:

  • Right to be Informed

You have a right to know about the several types of relocation insurance available to you. The moving company must give you written information about the different kinds of insurance coverage offered and the expenses involved. To make the appropriate choice, carefully review all of the possibilities.

  • Right to Choose

You are entitled to select the kind of insurance coverage you desire. The moving company cannot force you to buy particular insurance.

  • Right to Full Value Protection

You are entitled to the total replacement cost of lost or damaged products if you purchase Full Value Protection. Based on the declared value of your shipment, the company must reimburse you for the entire worth of your belongings.

  • Right to File a Claim

You have the right to file a claim with the moving company if any of your goods are misplaced, broken, or destroyed while you are having your belongings moved. You must present evidence of the item’s value when claiming a lost or damaged item. 

  • Understand the Time Limits for Filing a Claim

Submitting a claim as quickly as possible to the moving company is critical. To submit a claim, you have nine months from the delivery date. Within 30 days, the moving firm will look into the issue and offer a resolution.


Protecting your moving rights starts with knowing what they are, including having the right moving insurance coverage. Before selecting, remember to carefully read the insurance policies and ask any questions you may have.